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Handling the outdoor and indoor home improvement project is an excellent way to contrive and enhance your surroundings. There are various benefits to transforming your overall home infrastructure that enhances the look of your house. The look directly refreshes your mood. Mainly, homeowners initiate the home improvement project to change the feel and layout of the residence to make it look better and appealing that can amaze the people in it and the outsiders. 

What Are The Tips Of Claw Foot Tub Reglazing?

It is undeniable that the clawfoot tub refinishing can add original charm to your antique lavatories, bathtubs, and pedestal sinks. The professionals at bathtub reglazing Lakeland FL are experienced for repairing, restoration, and reglazing to make things easier. Our team has worked with various Ronald personalities businesses. All vintage fixtures need a work of art that “bathtub reglazing Lakeland FL” deserves to restore them.

Our work makes any porcelain finish (repair chips and crack) glossy and bright exactly the day it was manufactured. Our experienced craftsmen have worked in historic hotels, pedestal sinks, and Victorian bathtubs.

 We are all aware that the clawfoot tub is the centerpiece of the bathroom; it requires more attention than any other surfaces. Here at bathtub reglazing Lakeland FL, we can suggest the style, size, and shape of the tub with its own restoration process.

What Are Approaches To Reglaze Clawfoot Tub?

There are different approached for reglazing clawfoot tub, but you can follow these steps to make things easier for you – 

STEP: 1 – Replace The Old Tub With New

To shut the supply of water (hot and cold), you have to disconnect or loosen the drain line and supply line. To remove the old tub, you need several helpers. Take off the old tub to the garage or well-vented location because the iron tubs have more weight (250 to 400 pounds).

STEP:2 – Make A Preparation Foot Tub Reglazing

  • Once the tub is removed from the original place, then the next step is reglazing and stripping. To attain the desired goal for everything, you need good preparation.
  • With the plastic drop cover the workable area, this is to protect the furniture and surface from the strippers and reglazing chemicals.
  • If the tub has valves, pop-up, or drain, then remove it with keen attention.
  • After this, remove the paint with the paint stripper (if the paint is of latex).

The following are the guidelines given by the manufacturer to spray with the pump sprayer.

  • Wait till the time the paint does not bubble up.
  • With the help of coarse steel wool, scrub the loosened paint.
  • Depending on the surface of the paint tub, the stripper can be used.

STEP: 3 – Make-Use Of Acid-Etch

For this step, you need a respirator mask. It involves the use of lacquer thinner or methylene chloride, which gives strong fumes.

  • To remove the remnants of paint, apply and thoroughly scrub the methylene chloride or lacquer thinner on the entire tub—then wash off the tub with normal water.
  • At the time of rinsing, make sure you have some type of receptacle that the harmful chemical with water can be disposed of. The “bathtub reglazing Lakeland FL” always makes a spare piece of guttering (drain water) into the plastic bucket. 
  • At last, to give them a finish, use the chemical bonding agent. The chemical bonding and paint will retaliate with each other. These solutions, the porcelain, and tiles become long-lasting.
  • The use of acid-etch is for the top edge cleaning of the tub, after that with the 240 grit sandpaper or scouring pad and scrub it well. Afterward, rinse with clean water.

STEP: 4 – Use The Degreaser Cleaner For the Tub

  • Degreaser cleaner is useful to clean the dirt and corrosion from the copper drain. You have to prepare the solution (water and degreaser cleaner) in a tub.
  • Then with a scouring pad, scrub the tub and remove away any residue.
  • Afterward, rinse it with normal water.

STEP:5 – Use Adhesive For Non-Painting Surface Of Tub

  • The adhesive cleaner is used for the surface that you won’t be painting, such as metal claw-feet.
  • For cleaning, you only need a light film of chemical adhesive because the adheser is a bonding agent.
  • Manage the work according to the instructions given by manufacturers.

STEP: 6 – Apply Primer

  • For the Claw Foot Tub Reglazing, the next step is a primer. The primer makes it possible to use it in a paint sprayer. Stair the primer properly before adding the mixture into the sprayer.
  • With the help of a paint spray gun, prime the entire tub with approximately three light coats.
  • After each coat, wait for fifteen minutes and then apply the second coat. Keep moving the gun while applying primer. 

STEP: 7 – End Up With The Finish Coat

  • For the finish coat, you need a balancing ratio of each chemical, such as four glossy white parts in one part of the catalyst and two thinner parts. After staring, it thoroughly pours it in a spray reservoir.
  • The spray the three-four final coats of paint with duration of 15 minutes.
  •  As you perform this entire cleaning outside the house, after completion, when the tub gets dry, move the tub back into the bathroom.
  • Install the plumbing fixtures and hookup with water lines.

STEP: 8 – Extra Tips of Claw Foot Tub Reglazing

  • As per the manufacturer’s instruction, do not use the reglazed tub for specific hours, days. Normally not before 24 hours.
  • Don’t lay the shampoo bottles, soap, and washcloths on the reglazed tub. It ruins the finishing.
  • Do not use the harsh cleaners; always make use of spray cleaning and soft microfiber cloth. Keep on wiping the tub after each use; this step also maintains the finishing.
  • Do not use the bath mats with suction cups.
  • Keep up the caulking around the tub.
  • Few manufacturers suggest the waxing for the reglazed tub, after four months along with urethane polish. The suitable steps suggested by manufacturers

Outdoors are what makes your home appealing! 

Transforming a bear outdoors into a lavish style is definitely a challenging task. Still, if you are from Florida then, we always recommend you to have these services from bathtub reglazing Lakeland FL. These professionals not only experts in handling outside home improvement projects but can also decorate the interior portion of your residence.

The outside home improvement is vital because whenever folk visit at your residence, the first thing they notice is your home exterior, and as per saying, the first impression is the last impression. So, it is essential to enhance the appeal of the exterior and interior areas.

Hi, I’m Raymond and being outdoors is where I belong. I live in Lakeland, FL so I can pretty much be outside year round. In order to be productive around the house I’ve learned all the different outside home improvement projects I can take on to stay outside and still keep the wife happy. This is my list of cool home upgrades you can make while being outdoors.

Give A New Look To Pavers And Patio.

Commonly, the home patios are made up of concrete because of its durability. But, it looks a bit blight. The homeowners don’t know the other building materials available that they can use for the home outdoors’ renovations, so it would help to hire the professionals.

The professionals of “bathtub reglazing Lakeland FL” can suggest a variety of ideas that can enhance the high-traffic area the same as the concrete. The building materials come up in various colors, sizes, and shapes. This implies to get the creative vision; you can have numerous designs.

Customize Your Front Door

Commonly, the front door of the house is always unappealing. To make them eye-catching, you can repair it or replace it with a new one—the team of professionals examines the condition of the existing outdoor with a fantastic color scheme.

After inspecting, the professional provides you the information and idea about the door you need. In some cases, you just need painting and minor repair of the existing door. Whereas, in another case, you need to replace the entire door. For this whole assessment, you need a professional refinishing master.

Totally Change The Outside Of Your House

Entirely changing the outside of the house implies adding the outside lighting that helps you to increase the security and high spot the architectural features. It’s your choice whether you want to run the outdoor lighting on solar power or electricity. If you are going to use electricity, then you might have to hire professionals. The reason behind this is they have appropriate knowledge of running and connecting the wire.

Decorate The Deck

To enjoy the refreshing air from outside. The seating arrangement is essential. As time passes, the deck starts looking worn, and the first thing that damages is the deck railings. Always replace the deck railing with deck cable railings because these types of railings are modern and long-lasting. Only experienced professionals can install the deck cable railings.

Makeover The Mailbox

We frequently see the mailbox in front of the house that seems unappealing. Doing a mailbox makeover is an ideal option as you can decorate it with natural stuff such as flower gardens around the mailbox, and landscaping timbers. If you want to decorate the mailbox with flowers, then choose the bold color varieties.

Install Wood And Copper Window Boxes

If you want to make the windows on your home, then wood or copper window material can accomplish your goal. If you allow the professionals to handle this job, then it would be wise to do. The reason behind this is they are experienced and reduce the chance of falling in the future. The investment you do to rechange the exterior of your house will definitely pay off. If you consult onsite construction companies such as “bathtub reglazing Lakeland FL,” they can assist you with which one fits your needs.

 Why Do You Need A Professional Company For Outdoor Home Improvement?

It’s a big question to hire big professional companies for remodeling of outdoor home improvement. It is also not deniable that the professionals are more expensive than standard cleaners but the finishing or decoration the professionals can offer you, you cannot achieve yourself because of their knowledge, training, and experience.

The professional companies like “bathtub reglazing Lakeland FL” can provide you with paint fences, clean gutters, replace filters, landscaping, and other maintenance(whole exterior and interior change).

If you want to expand your repertoire by installing the deck, countertops, and tiles, you need a professional. These cannot be done with appropriate finishing by watching online how-to video or step by step instructions.

What Are The Significant Ways To Paint The Outdoor Cabinet And Furniture?

When you are remodeling the exterior, then painting the outdoor furniture is the primary part. It does not matter if the furniture is of plastic, metal, or wood. The following are the list of working ways of “bathtub reglazing Lakeland FL.”

Assess The Furniture

The first step that “bathtub reglazing Lakeland FL” does is evaluate the furniture and decide if it needs staining or painting. If the color has fainted from the furniture, you can paint or if it requires minor repair scratches and dents then maintain it. But if the furniture (chair, table) is entirely rotted, then repairing would not be worthwhile. This is the time to switch on new furniture.

Remove All The Rust

If the material of your furniture is metal, then remove the entire rust before painting. You don’t need chemicals to remove rust. With a sander oscillating tool or drill, you can grind, scour, and sand off the rust.

Remove The Peeling Paint

Before staining or painting the metal or wood, remove the loose paint from any hardware and furniture. After removing the peeling paint, apply a new coat. You need to use the little elbow grease and sandpaper for this job.

Use Right Brushes

For painting the furniture, you need rollers and small brushes. If your paintbrush is dry, you can revive it by damping in brush cleaner. To paint the tabletop, you need a paint roller.